The dashboard is the opening screen of the Service module. The top of the dashboard shows the number of returns in each status of the returns process. The bottom part of the dashboard shows several widgets that alert returns and service tasks that require attention. 

Widgets can be activated and de-activated. Widgets have settings to control when active and overdue returns and service tasks should be highlighted.

There are currently 10 different alert widgets:

  1. Approval needed: These are return requests users have submitted for approval.
  2. Booking needed: These approved or created returns require a booking with a carrier
  3. Shipment failed: Sometimes carriers cant be reached to create a label – when this happens please contact support so we can delve into the root cause.
  4. In transit: Returns that are in transit to your warehouse.
  5. Processing: Returns waiting to be received and graded in the returns center
  6. Service Tasks: alerter to display the actions related to open service tasks
  7. Service Tasks approved: alerter to display the actions related to approved service tasks
  8. Service Tasks accepted: alerter to display the actions related to accepted service tasks
  9. Service Tasks completed: alerter to display the actions related to completed service tasks
  10. Latest pending organization requests displays the five latest requests for access from organizations
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