Depending on the carrier service the customer is asked to create a pickup booking. Creating a pickup booking in only supported in the Advanced self-service module and is currently available for following carrier services:

  • DHL Express

The request to create a pickup booking is triggered in 2 ways:

  1. Automated approval: the customer will directly create the pickup booking in the self-service module as soon as they complete the returns registration.
  2. Manual approval: after approval of the return the customer will receive an email asking them to go back to the Advanced self-service module to create a pickup booking.

The request for making a pickup booking is visible in the Advanced self-service module under "Open Tasks".

By clicking the action link a new screen opens to select a pickup date and request the pickup appointment options.

The status of the returns can reach the following statuses:

  1. From Logistics/Requested to Logistics/Submitted: a pickup booking has been created.
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