A return needs to be authorized to start the returns process. All returns with status "authorization/requested" need to be authorized. 

Authorizing a return can happen in 2 ways:

  • Automated (defined for a return policy)
  • Manual by an agent (see below)

Manual by an agent
In the return summary 2 action button appear under Available Actions:

  1. Authorize return
  2. Reject return

Clicking the "Authorize return" button a screen in which several details of the return can be adjusted, such as the address and return items.

Clicking the "Authorize" button starts the process of authorizing the return. This activity includes following steps:

  1. Selecting the carrier
  2. Adding or updating shipping units (if applicable for the selected carrier)

When the return has been authorized an RMA number will be generated and the return shipping label will be mailed to the customer.

The status of the returns can reach the following statuses:

  1. From Authorization/Requested to Logistics/Requested: a pickup booking needs to be made by the customer or the agent (depending on the carrier service and the service settings).
  2. From Authorization/Requested to Logistics/Submitted: the return label has been generated and the customer can deliver the return to the carrier.
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