Once you have created a service task for a return you can administrate and complete it. Service tasks can be accessed in 2 ways:

Access a service task from the return details

All service tasks for a return are accessible from the return details. There are 2 ways to see if a service task has been created for a return:

  1. the actions button indicates which and how many service tasks have been created
  2. with the "filter actions" in the returns overview, you can select all returns that have a certain service task

From the service task overview in the return details, you can access and manage the service task with the actions button.

Access a service task from the service task overview

All open service tasks can be accessed from the service task overview. From here you can manage it. You can use the search boxes to filter service tasks. You can use the export methods to download the overview.

Returns and service tasks are related

You cannot complete or cancel a return as long as service tasks are open. If you try to complete a return with open service tasks a popup window will inform you which service tasks are still open.

Once a return is completed or cancelled all service tasks will disappear from the service task overview.

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