The Survey system is a method where you as an agent or administrator can create dynamic questionnaires and link them to various items. Questionnaires can have a variety of question types, ranging from Input field and Multi select all the way to date select fields.

Surveys are created by pressing the create button in the overview page of your survey page. You are then shown the above screen where you can create and edit various questions.

Select the survey type

Select the question type

Create the question

Questions can be created using the “add question” button, and edited with descriptions, Labels, Tool-tips, possible answers (in the case of multiple choice). All of this can be translated dynamically to any available language you have enabled.

Link the survey

Surveys can be linked and enabled to various return types or product return groups. This allows you to configure and complete returns by having your customers add in information based on the items and types they are returning.

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