Before you decide to buy 12Return you want to experience it. We offer 2 ways to experience 12Return for your returns process:

  1. Weekly product demo
  2. Demo account

Weekly product demo

Every week we broadcast a 12Return product demo. Join one of these sessions to see 12Return in action and to ask live questions. You can subscribe here.

Demo account

As part of our pre-sales service we can give access to our demo. With this access you can experience 12Return in following ways:

  1. Create a return as a customer in the Slim Portal (no login required);
  2. Create a return as a customer in the Advanced Portal (you can create a user account in the portal);
  3. Access the Service, Operations and Insights modules as an agent in the Agent Portal (you will receive a personal account).

In the Slim Portal you can create returns in 2 ways:

  1. Return with Products: you can select the products that you wish to return from a list that is maintained in 12Return;
  2. Return with Connector: you can enter an order number (ORD-124) and postal code (1234GH) to retrieve order data from an external order management system. You can select the products that you wish to return.

With the demo account you can complete all steps of the end-to-end returns process:

  1. Create a return as a customer: check the help center
  2. Administrate returns as a customer support agent: check the help center
  3. Handle returns as an operator: check the help center
  4. See return insights as a manager: check the help center

The demo account does not give you access to the Settings module. We are happy to give a detailed settings tour in a personal demo.

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