Welcome to the release note for the 10th of October 2018. This release note is to provide you a summary of the various changes, updates, and fixes included in the latest update to the 12return returns management system.

This is a major update that affects the returns processing processes in the Operations module. These features are part of our Return Dock solution.

Return Dock is a brand-new module on the 12Return platform to manage the returns process in your warehouse(s). Return Dock is an advanced feature in the Operations module and includes the following features:


  • Return Dock supports the returns process in your own return center(s);
  • Return Dock supports the returns process in outsourced return center(s);
  • Use Return Dock with Return Bird for a controlled inflow of returns.
  • Define to which Return Dock destination a return needs to be shipped;
  • Define grading rules per product group;
  • Set up 2nd-Tier destinations where products are sent to for disposition (e.g. repair partners).
  • Control multiple return centers from a single control tower dashboard;

Returned products:

  • Receive returned shipments;
  • Unpack returned products and identify the characteristics of the product with custom attributes;
  • Inspect and classify the state of the product with grading rules and custom attributes;
  • Group returned products in containers;
  • Store containers with returned products in the Available-For-Disposition inventory;


  • Create work-orders for internal or external disposition;
  • Create work-orders for controlled disposition (e.g. products that are returned to you after repair);
  • Create work-orders for uncontrolled disposition (e.g. products that will not return to you after recycling);
  • Link containers with products to a work-order;
  • Manage work-orders in progress in the internal or external disposition process;
  • Register any specific work-order data object with custom attributes;
  • Control inventory at external (vendor) locations;
  • Receive products from a controlled disposition in the Available-For-Service inventory;
  • Receive and reserve products for service settlement in an original return (e.g. in the case of same-for-same repair);
  • Use products in the Available-For-Service inventory to service your customer.

End-to-end solution for Return-to-Value:

Return Dock completes the 12Return Platform as the end-to-end solution for Return-to-Value.

If you need any help with activating these new features, please contact our support team at support@12return.com.

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