Welcome to the release note for the 15th of January 2018. This release note is to provide you a summary of the various changes, updates and fixes included in the latest update to the 12return returns management system. This release has a technical label of version 2.1.5

For this update the following changes are included:

Advanced Portal


Updates to the returns overview & asset overview pages include a new way of showing the information. This method allows a more diverse range of options including sorting & filtering by date and range, looking up by specific (or multiple) different statuses or channels.

Sorting, Filtering and Searching expanded with more options

  • Columns & data more detailed
  • Expanded Usage in other "list" areas such as product details & checkout

Further Advanced portal

  • Option to skip the checkout page added to return type settings
  • Option to add an additional "create product" product added to return type settings
  • Option to display products from the product feed in a grid, instead of a search bar added to return type settings
  • Product Connector that automatically looks up products in your product system instead of the product feed is available. Contact Support for details regarding implementation.
  • The Open Tasks Tab now also lists Returns that require a pickup appointment along side service tasks.
  • Creating a pickup appointment now has more descriptive buttons for saving.

Content & Visuals

While the process to create a request is fairly simple, its still important to add a few lines of text for users that end up struggling with the instructions. Portal content now has more options for styling & displaying the information you want to present to customers

  • Content now allows for Lists, Highlighted Urls and various other styling options
  • The Carrier selection page updated to be more compact & readable. Defaults to displaying 2 instead of 4 carriers side by side.
  • Carrier icon made smaller, Carrier description expanded with more space to allow for detailed explanations
  • A new Email Type "Authorization Requested" has been added, this will send an email (when configured) to customers when they submit a request that needs agent approval

Bugfixes & Quality of Life

  • Updating an existing route in logistics settings is available
  • Updated various tags & labels in the admin for clarity
  • the help / tool-tip text in a survey is now optional and does not display the ? icon in the portals when empty.
  • Surveys using the pull-down menu now retain styling options in all situations
  • Phone number validations have been extended to be more in-line with the various global standards
  • Zipcode validations have been extended to be more inline with global standards, including behind the scenes re-mapping for deviation to carriers or secondary systems. Such as Rural USA zipcodes, and variants on State / province specific zipcode ranges
  • Altered some of the source data for displaying certain names & locations to reflect a more accurate state.

Technical & architecture

  • Added & Changed the caching method, which should lead to an increased performance in the advanced portal.


  • Dynalogic carrier added to available carriers
  • Dynalogic Multi parcel shipping available
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