Welcome to the release note for the 25st of April 2018. This release note is to provide you a summary of the various changes, updates and fixes included in the latest update to the 12return returns management system. This release has a technical label of version 2.2.0.

This is a major update that affects large parts of the system and includes the launch of our new agent modules for Service, Operations and Insights.

A new way of working with 12Return, built and designed around your specific needs.

This update will give all our agent users access to a slew of new features and options in the new modules, but these changes will not overwhelm you immediately, we will proactively work with you and your team to transition to to the new module from the current admin panels.

Some of the changes in this update are highlighted below, but with over 900 new features and improvements, there is much to find!

Service Module

Designed from the ground up for your customer service needs with a new layout and functionality to suit the authorization & logistics processes.


* The returns overview now directly lets you select the return type and portal you want to create a return draft link for for the customer instead of forcing you to create a new return directly. You can share this link with your customer through other communication channels so they can submit their request.

* Sort & Filter the returns overview based on your activity and criteria
* Filter returns with multi selection in the table, date ranges and more with vastly improved


* Performance improvements across the board for looking up returns and information
* Editable products & address during authorization.
* Shipping units, preferred pickup and updating your shipment information streamlined
* Streamlined Product & detail information on multiple levels so be easier to read and update

New Feature:

Messaging - With messaging your agents & customers (if enabled) can send messages on the return between one another, view emails sent and even see when the return was created or updated during its lifetime.

the new communication options allow for bi-directional communication directly in 12Return with no need for an external system.


Service Tasks:

A full visual rework of the service task and streamlining of its actions and information allows more granular control and information to be available immediately, also allows for more moments where you can update the relevant information, notes and instructions to your customer and streamlines the currency notations and finance information.

In short:
Your returns information has been made more accessible, more searchable and with a cleaner, better overview across the board for all activities that might take place during your authorization & logistics processes.

Operations Module:
The new operations module takes us in the direction of more streamlined activity, with the new check-in activity, designed to compliment the Check & diagnose activities for a shorter processing stage, you have more control and fine tuned ability to register and request information from both customers and your own warehouse process.

Insights Module:

The updated insights module lets you access the existing statistics in a new layer, in preparation for our upcoming insights. Filter, sort and turn the various knobs to get the information you need.


Other improvements:

* Dashboard widgets with customizable warning thresholds for your process needs
* Global search for Users, Returns & service tasks
* A global widget panel where you can search for customers directly, from any page.
* Users now let you view historical returns for that customer directly in the customers profile
* Service tasks can now also be created from the service task overview, instead of being required to go through the return in question first.

Quality of Life updates:

This is a massive update and includes many smaller bug fixes, performance improvements, and quality of life updates.

* Updated icons to load faster and on more resolutions
* Improved feedback in the product reject / return reject activities
* Errors & Notifications have been updated to be cleaner and more consistent
* Logging of activities has performance improvements across the board
* Cleaned up legacy data for archiving

Support Documentation:

We have updated the various pages, screenshots, explanations and support documents with the new modules and their updated and cleaned up feature set in zendesk as well as the application itself through the help needed system.

This has been separated into six chapters for the various modules of Service, Operations, Insights and so on to allow you more direct access to the pages and functions you are actively using and need.

With this update we have moved the existing admin panels for authorization, logistics, processing and settlement to be called the classic admin portals.

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