The 12Return order connector is your one stop method of connecting your order system with 12Return so that customers can enter and add returns based on their order information. 12return supports several order systems and while those systems have many differences our connector translates them to a simple and straightforward setup and configuration process.

To note, a order connector is set up on the portal level, but is assigned per Return Type. As with other connectors, you can only have one active on a return type. This means that you can either have a Product Connector, Product Feed or Order Connector active on the same return type.

Creating a Order Connector

Each shop system has their own way of connecting. Below we will note the Magento connector we provide by default. If you use another system, please contact support to discuss options or see the technical API portal at to see how you can create your own connector.


Enter the information in the fields, or connect a new connector with this webshop.

Once the information is entered you will be redirected to a OAuth confirmation. Confirm the connection authorization and the system is now set to to pull orders from your magento system.

Connecting To Return Type

Once Created you can link a active connector to your return type. If a return type already has a connector, you will need to unlink it first, before being able to link it again.

As soon as you link it – the connector will be enabled for that return type.

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