For international return shipments you might need a shipping invoice for customs clearance. You can create a shipping invoice under documents in the channel section of settings.


The products in a return need to have prices. This can be accomplished in 2 ways:

  1. Including prices when you use an Order Connector

  2. Including prices in the product setup in 12Return

Creating a shipping invoice

You can use the Shipping Invoice document to create a shipping invoice. In the document you can update following elements:

  1. Document header: the header includes a document title that will create the name of the PDF file.

  2. Document body: the body of the document typically contains a title, the shipment information and a summary of all products. The body can be defined by using one or multiple body elements.

  3. Document style: the document styles allows you to define colors of the different body elements.

  4. Activation triggers: a packing list is typically used for all returns and should therefor be linked to all carriers services. However you can exclude the shipping invoice for certain carrier services.

You can include several predefined data sets in the document body. A logical setup of the body is:

  1. Text: including the title of the document, such as "Acme Shipping Invoice"

  2. Address table

  3. RMA information table

  4. Returnable product table

  5. Text: including additional information such as "This shipping invoice is for customs purposes only."

  6. Barcode: the return reference in barcode format

Product details

For including the products you need to include the Returnable Product Table. In the details of this table you can control the data that will be showed.

Typically, the settings are:

  1. Show product prices = Y

  2. Show return reason = N

  3. Show service request = N

The return reason and service request information is taken from the data that has been entered by the customer.

For the customer

The document will be presented in the Customer Portal for download and will be attached to the Return Shipping Mail.


We advise to have the shipping invoice validated by your customs broker or carrier before using it.

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