Dear #{{CustomerAddressee}},

We have authorized your return request with the reference #{{ ReturnReference }}. Attached to this email you find the DHL shipping label. The next step is to book a pickup appointment for your return.

Book your pickup appointment here: #{{ BookingUrl }}

If you have trouble using the link above, please log in to your account at, select "Open tasks" and then select your return. Select a date in the date picker and confirm the time for pickup. Please note that we will not be able to proceed with your return before the pickup has been booked.

Please note that pickup by DHL must be booked within 30 days of the approval date for the return request. If you need to change your pickup location or time, please contact DHL Express directly.

After booking your pickup appointment, please follow these steps:

  1. Print the Shipping Labels and Proforma Invoice attached to this e-mail. Please print 3 copies of the Proforma Invoice
  2. Pack your product well!
  3. Attach the first Shipping Label on the outside of your package
  4. Hand the package to the DHL Express courier with the "ARCHIVE DOC" Shipping Label and the 3 Proforma Invoices
  5. Track the status of your shipment on the DHL Express website.


Please package your product properly for its trip to our return center. Your company is not responsible for damage during delivery. We advise to ship your product in its original box and place it in a bigger box with bubble wrap to prevent damage. Your parcel will have to travel over conveyor belts and warehouse slides.

Find more information about Your company’s return policy here.

Best regards,

The Your Company team

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