Carriers represent transportation services that can be used to ship returns from an origin location (in a country) to a destination location. Carriers are supported in 2 types:

  1. Virtual carrier: you can set up a virtual carrier if you want your customer to organize and pay for the shipping. 12Return will create a barcoded address label for your customer. You can use a virtual carrier to work with any transportation company other than the carrier services that are supported by 12Return.
  2. Carrier service: we have teamed up with transportation companies like UPS, DHL, and TNT to offer integrated transportation services for prepaid and tracked returns. Easily connect your carrier account and 12Return will create a prepaid shipping label for your customer.

Virtual carrier

Virtual carriers exist in 2 types and the specific setup is described per type:

  1. Drop-off
  2. Pickup

Carrier service

The specific setup per carrier service is described per carrier service:

  1. UPS
  2. DHL Express
  3. TNT
  4. PostNL
  5. Dynalogic

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