Welcome to the release note for the 4th of July 2017. This release note is to provide you a summary of the various changes, updates and fixes included in the latest update to the 12return returns management system. This release has a technical label of version 2.1.0

For this update the following changes are included:

Redesign – Slim Portal:
Out Slim portal has received a update in terms of functionality, design and performance. In this update the portal has moved several pieces of functionality to new systems and is now fully integrated with our new transport module for carrier integration.

  • Slim redesigned to use to be further responsive in more resolutions.
  • Desktop resolutions of the portal are now centered, instead of left aligned
  • Replaced the old Portal styling system for the ability to write your own CSS with all the advantages that entails.
  • Content pages (custom pages) can now replace portal step titles using the content system
  • Icons added to return types to be inline with the advanced portal
  • Added tooltips to product surveys as well as return surveys. These display the Help text as defined in the admin
  • Language switching now allows for changing the language during the entire process.
  • error and success messages no longer placed where they can block a user action

New Feature - Parts Connector (Advanced)
We've prepared a new connector functionality that allows the customer to search for products or parts in your system directly when they create a return. This system works much like our internal Product Feed functionality, but can use your own database of products.

If you want to make sure of this functionality, as it requires a integration project, please contact support with your question and we will plan a meeting to discuss its implementation for your portal and process.

New Feature - Product Feed Grid display (Advanced)
A new method to display your product feed, outside of a search bar or select menu is a grid display. This method is uniquely suited for a small number of products and displays them in a grid much like the product group selection.

PostNL / UPS Migrated to new Transport System
With this release we've moved all our customers, that use either PostNL or UPS as their shipment provider to our new shipment module. As of this release you can manage, maintain and update your own preferances and carrier information in the admin portal under logistics settings.

  • Create your own routes, locations and carrier options with PostNL/UPS
  • Manage your instruction information, customer emails and service information directly through the admin
  • Shipping labels (if available) are now automatically sent to the user on the relevant email type.

Advanced Portal:
Various Pages have received minor touch ups in relation to spacing, line size, colors and so on to be more inline across multiple browsers and resolution sizes.

  • Loading indicators should now cover the full API request when using an order connector, as opposed to only covering the initial message sent.
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