Welcome to the release note for the 31th of May 2017. This release note is to provide you a summary of the various changes, updates and fixes included in the latest update to the 12return returns management system. This release has a technical label of version 2.0.6.

We have had several minor patches since our previous release over the past few weeks. These changes are as follows:

  • Return overview is now paged in the advanced portal
  • A Search function for returns has been added to the returns overview in the advanced portal
  • Bill of Lading field on the shipment has been added to the shipment page in the agent portal
  • An issue with Authentication on the v1 Endpoints was resolved.

For this update the following changes are included:

New feature – Order History Connector:
The order history connector is a new method of adding your customers information so they can return products more efficiently. An extension on the existing order connector, it allows you to load the entire history of your customers order information directly.

Bugfixes and Improvements Agent Portal:
Various Bugfixes and Quality of Life changes have been added to this release as we continually work on refinement. among them the following

  • Saving and updating the default data now displays feedback more efficiently
  • Managing your organizations in the agent portal is now much more responsive
  • Surveys, Survey options, and Survey sorting now provides much more feedback and responsiveness when being created / managed
  • Uploading images to Assetgroups should once again display them properly in the agent portal
  • Logistics settings has received a visual change to be more in-line with our responsive agent portal usage
  • Updates to our Email System should now support more (technical) methods of sending emails.

API Improvements:
Importing address information from the OrderConnector API now has better support to allow the conversion from Street + House number into Address Line options, allowing more flexibility and ease of use to the user.

Advanced Portal:
Various Pages have received minor touch ups in relation to spacing, line size, colors and so on to be more inline across multiple browsers and resolution sizes.

  • The Shipment information has been removed from the checkout page, if the user does not have the option to select their shipment information.
  • The Asset Export is now available on the return detail level
  • Manual product entry when not using a Product feed or order connector feed has been improved visually to allow a cleaner experience
  • Survey questions with a file upload option now properly use their correct formatting
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