Service tasks are a dynamic system to allow the creation of various administrative tasks to settle a return both internally as well as with the customer. Allowing the full process of your return and reverse chain to be documented, communicated and completed.

Service Task templates are functional on a portal level, and allow the creation of service tasks on returns within that portal.

Service Task template setup

The template has a reference code that will be used to number the service task to the customer. The Label and description are there to help categorize the service task in your returns process. with the Instructions field available to provide your customer information regarding any actions they might need to do specifically for this template.


Service Task content and workflow configuration


The configuration of the template allows for a few things:

  1. Active: Is the template enabled for use by your agents during processing

  2. Icon: The icon used in the various menu’s for this service task template (and service tasks created from it)

  3. Workflow Profile: The chosen workflow profile that each service task created with this template will use.

  4. Files allows: Are documents and document uploads by the agent allowed for service tasks created with this template

  5. Customer upload allowed: Are end-users in the advanced portal allowed to upload documents to the service task

  6. Visible in customer portal: Is this service task view-able by the customer (Useful for internal Memo’s)

  7. Exclusive: Can agents create manual lines that were not supplied dynamically

  8. Source models: The data sources from where the service task can be created

These various options and settings, coupled with the No Lines / Monetary Lines variant of the templates, allows for complete and full customization of any administrative task and it’s process.

Service Task email configuration

Finally you can define the triggers when an email should be send to the customer. Emails need to be set up email templates.

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