Welcome to the release note for the 8th of December 2016. This release note is to provide you a summary of the various changes, updates and fixes included in the latest update to the 12return returns management system.

All new and changed features can also be found on our documentation portal at docs.12return.com

Admin Settings / configuration:
We’re working on changing various configurations to allow for returns to be moved into a different process after creation. You’ll notice no changes to your use of the 12Return system, with the exception that certain menus have been moved around some.

– Under account, you can now see Assets (if you have those enabled), as well as asset groups. These are now fully separate from the product groups and product feed.
– Workflows can now be viewed under the account tab.
– Surveys for the inspect action during the Take-Back process are new available on the account level.
– Email templates, that are used during the return process, and were previously enabled at the return type level can now be managed directly from the email template editor. Emails that are configured on the portal level (user emails for example) have not been changed.

Advanced portal:
– Added method to display Products in the advanced portal using a pull down menu, instead of a search filter.
– Various changes to the advanced portal return creation process
– Added method to pre-select country for a user based on GeoIP
– Various fixes for end-user creation and management

– Updates to German and French translations for all system texts have been completed.

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