Welcome to the release note for the 29th of march 2017. This release note is to provide you a summary of the various changes, updates and fixes included in the latest update to the 12return returns management system. This release builds on feedback and is mainly focused around stability and user experience.

All new and changed features can also be found on our documentation portal at support.12return.com

New feature - In-Application Support:
We have implemented a new tool to further support our agents in their use of 12Return. With this method we provide direct access to the Knowledge base, support tickets (linked to your user) and access to our platform up-time, release notes and various other useful pages directly from your agent panels.


Advanced Portal:
Keeping in with out vision to further develop the advanced portal and phase out the current legacy portal we have now added multi order support to the advanced portal as well as various other improvements. This means that returns composed of multiple orders in all types of returns (manual, product feed or order connector) all have the option to contain multiple orders. This means users can view & manage orders.

  • Parameter on the Return Type level for "Allow Multiple orders for returns"

  • Parameter on the return type level for "Should an order number be unique within a return" added.

  • Password recovery was causing various headaches in relation to user deletion, creation, active status. We have performed a few sanitation changes to streamline this process to be more user oriented.

  • Content page for the services overview (return index) is available now.

Configuration Data:

  • On master Data we have enabled, or rather, disabled certain settings to make certain that there are always correct default settings enabled for your account.

  • Also added are visual pages for the API Connector authentication tokens, you can find these on both the account level as well as on the relevant users.

  • On the account level you can now set an interval for the archive action before it automatically archives all completed returns.

Packing Slip / Document Manager:
We have updated & upgraded our PDF generator library and this has resulted in a few changes and improvements for all PDF generations.

  • Packing slips that are larger than one page now scale properly over multiple pages

  • Destination address added to packing slips when available in the new transporter

Bugfixes and Improvements:
This release is mostly focused around reducing problems raised with our implementation of the new logistics engine. We have resolved various issues related to addresses, shipments, carrier lookup and situations where there is a mismatch between the inputted information and the carrier expected information. Among issues resolved are

  • Caching on content pages, email templates and other rich text areas is less strict.

  • External Reference on orders has been changed from a restricted 25 character limit to a 40 character limit.

  • Altered the SSO method to be more inclusive for various use-cases and resolving various ongoing limitations experienced by customers.

  • Customer Users in the agent portal now display the organization they belong to.

  • Fixes to the Rich Text Editor used for various pieces of multi language content.

Other changes in this update include updates to the translations, various extensive updates to our API Suite.

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