Welcome to the release note for the 10th of November 2016. This release note is to provide you a summary of the various changes, updates and fixes included in the latest update to the 12return returns management system. This is a combined release to inform and update various changes that have taken place over the last few weeks, as such some of these changes have been available already for a short while.

All new and changed features can also be found on our documentation portal at docs.12return.com

– End Users that are part of an organization and are admins of that organization can promote other users of that organization to admin.
– The “add product manually” option is now displayed at all times in the advanced portal search-filter. There is no more need to scroll to the end of the list.
– Portals display if they are active or not in the admin panel. Inactive portals can not be accessed by users.
– The Advanced portal now displays a counter showing the number of open tasks the user has in the main menu
– Paging has been implemented in the checkout page for the products list.
– Added various B2C user tools to the advanced portal for customers to manage their own login & account
– Changed the advanced portal logout method to be more consistent in it’s feedback
– Added the unit of measure to the shipping item list on the shipping page in the advanced portal
– Users that are logged in, but perform no actions will be logged out after 4 hours instead of the previous 15 minutes.
– Added various additional prefixes to users.
– Changed the organization approve window to show more information regarding the organization in question
– Altered some visual screens in the advanced portal to be more consistent with the dynamic nature of their contents. This should improve readability and usability for those screens.

– A stray notification that was shown to early during the password recover process has been moved to it’s proper place.
– Safari browsers no longer suffer from an issue where users could not “show more” on certain pages to expand the dynamic content.
– Various new language strings have updated to be more consistent in language and less technical in nature.
– Fixed a problem where processing lines did not need to be unique with an return
– Quantities were displayed twice in a specific email scenario. This has been removed.
– An issue with dynamic urls (packing slip) needing to be clicked twice before working has been resolved.
– Pressing the Enter key while in the Unpack & Inspect processing steps should no longer result in a blank page.

New Feature:
– Organizations in the advanced portal can better manage access of their users based on the location those users are allowed to create returns from.
– End Users without an organization are now asked to confirm the country of origin for their return request before creation.
– Creating an RMA from the admin panel is now also available for customers that use the Advanced portal.

New Feature – Assets:
In the advanced portal, assets that were previously only visible in the admin panel, are now also displayed (and can be toggled on or off using a parameter) to end users. Users can view these in multiple methods and see the status of the assets as they are booked into the system during the warehouse process, as well as download an export with their asset details.

– Assets are now also displayed in a separate “Across multiple Returns” view in the customer portal
– Assets are now displayed on the RMA level in the customer portal
– Assets and their details can be exported in a Excel export from the advanced portal.

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