With products, you can set up products in 12Return. These products can be used in 3 ways:

  • By a customer to create a return in the Customer RMA Portal;
  • By an agent to create a return in the Service Module;
  • By an operator to receive and grade a product in the Operations Module.

When you set up products in 12Return, there is no need to use a Connector to retrieve data from your system when the customer creates a return.

Products are set up for each channel (portal). This allows you to define which products are allowed to be returned in a certain channel.

Products can be created or uploaded in settings/channels/products

Product parameters
Each product, once created is directly searchable for by the customer in the portal when adding a product. Each product can also be edited and removed.

Products have different sections that control a part of the returns process:

  • General: general information about the product such as model number, description, SKU, and article type;
  • Pricing: different prices that are relevant for the product and that are used in the returns process;
  • Authorization: parameters that can be used in automation rules to authorize a product;
  • Processing: instructions and images that can be used in the Unpack and Inspect activities in Return Dock;
  • Settlement: parameters that can be used for the settlement of a product;
  • Disposition: parameters that can be used for the disposition of a product.

Article type
In the general parameters you can define the type of article with 2 options:

  • Catalog: a catalog item can be selected when a return is created. By default a catalog item is flagged as returnable but can also be flagged as non-returnable;
  • Service: a service item cannot be selected when a return is created. By default, a service item is flagged as non-returnable. With Return Profiling Automation Rules a service item can automatically be added to a return.

Importing products
If you have a large number of products or a catalog that changes on a semi-regular basis, you might want to use our “import” function. This function lets you upload a .csv file with your products and will automatically remove all products currently in the system, link them to your existing product groups, and even create new product groups if they are unknown.

This file (.csv) needs to be uploaded in the following format:

Model Description SKU Value VAT Currency Productgroup

10000002 Fancy Shirt FS10000002 0 0 EUR Shirts

Upload restrictions

Full refresh
The product upload is a FULL REFRESH. Each time you upload a file, this file should contain all products. At upload, all existing products are deleted and re-created with the new upload.

The currency that is being uploaded must be set up in the master data of your account settings. Only a single currency set up is supported.

Product Groups
Product groups are created on the fly if they do not exist. Products are added to them dynamically if they do exist. For more information about product groups, see the product group page.

Parent Product Groups
Parent Product Groups are not created, and is only used to confirm the proper Product Group should more than one share the same name. Relations between Product Groups and Parent Product groups are not created during import, these types of configurations need to be manually confirmed in the product group admin screen.

Product Parameters
For each return policy, you can control how products are used to create a return. These settings are controlled in settings/return policy/parameters/product feed

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