Welcome to the release note for the 22d of July 2016. This release note is to provide you a summary of the various changes, updates and fixes included in the latest update to the 12return returns management system. This is a minor maintenance release provided to improve ease of use and expand various functions in the 12Return system.

All new and changed features can also be found on our documentation portal at docs.12return.com

– Excel export formatted into cleaner download for readability
– Survey questions with multiple answer options now have the ability to add multiple answers in bulk mode.
– Selecting a date for pickups or during a survey now allows the selection of a year.
– Upgraded various pull down questions and options to a more user friendly option that has predictive search and lookup. Used in surveys and various locations where large pull downs were common

– Creating returns as an agent was hot fixed earlier, and now as an agent you can log in as a customer and create a return using the customer portal in their name. The customer needs to have a customer login account.
– Changes to various email widget to be cleaner and visually more consistent
– A fix for the packing slip for extremely large Returns, to keep it visually consistent.
– Added email templates for Recovery flow Emails Unpacking & Inspect
– Various Quality of Life improvements for the Recover workflow process.

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