Welcome to the release note for the 2d of July 2016. This release note is to provide you a summary of the various changes, updates and fixes included in the latest update to the 12return returns management system. This is a major feature release provided to improve ease of use and expand various functions in the 12Return system. Major changes to the system and new features include documentation changes as well as a scheduled webinar on July 8th.

All new and changed features can also be found on our documentation portal at docs.12return.com

New Features – Service Tasks & Templates:
Service Tasks are both an enrichment and replacement for the current Quotation & Credit memo. Allowing much more flexibility, configuration and control to service your customers and business needs. Please refer to the documentation portal for all the various features regarding the addition of this new and dynamic system.

* Create, manage and update service task templates
* Service Task Template Types
* New types and customization workflow configurations implemented for service task templates
* Service Tasks added to returns
* Service tasks added to return modal
* File upload added for service tasks
* Import lines from Products, Product Lines, Product Line Items, Processing Lines and Service Task Lines implemented to use as source data
* Service Task added in return modal window
* Service task action now dual Direct Complete and Edit & Complete actions available

New Feature – Asset Recover process:
– Added new internal asset product feed
– Unpacking step uses new internal Asset Feed
– Inspect allows for dynamic addition of custom surveys for each asset inspected
– Added check so “inspect” can not be completed with process lines that are not inspected

All the various improvements can be found in the documentation portal with their respective features and pages.

* Adding sorting for a survey
* New survey type added for recover process during inspection

Magic button:
* Archive added as final step
* Various changes to the magic button for the inclusion of the Recover process
* removed loading indicator from magic button
* Service tasks and creation added to magic button

Return overview:
* Archive page added
* Completed added to top menu as filter
* Service tasks added a advanced filter
* Added drop down menu to return page with various processes
* Cleaned up return workflow statuses and steps.
* Processing Lines added in return modal window if available with filterable table
* Added check so return with active service tasks can not be closed

* Added service task counter
* Added two counters for service tasks
* Removed Credit memo and Quotation counters

Customer portal Advanced:
* Removed various components that created clutter on the screen
* Visual change to better display new service task system in overview
* Added Accept / Reject with notes for the user to fill in during.
* File upload added for service tasks if enabled.
* Removed ability to create anonymous returns in advanced portal
* Add four new content items (editable in admin) that are only visible after login.

* Merchant Administrator user type added to differentiate between Operators and Administrators.

* Feature list removed in preparation for new feature system.

Bug Fixes:
Due to the large size of this update and the various changes to the system a large number of bug fixes are included. These range from minor spelling errors and colors being displayed incorrectly to several that were short-tracked to be included due to severity. If you notice a bug in the system, please contact support@12return.com.

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