Product groups are your way to get a large number of products grouped together and set up so that your reverse chain can link to an efficient Return policy. Product groups and Return groups are two sides of the same coin. Where Product groups organize products, return groups talk to the rest of the system about your reverse chain and various return type/return group settings.

Creating Product Groups

Product groups are created either manually or automatically during the product import. You can only delete product groups that do not have any products.
Product groups are a 1:1 relation to Return Groups based on the return type available.

If you have two return types, you can link the product group to one return group per return type. This way you not only have control over product groups, but also the type of return group (and processing due to it) per return type.

Managing Product Groups

Product groups and return groups might sound confusing until you realize that you can link a very large number of product groups to a single return group. Streamlining your setup, configuration, and complexity to a simple and straightforward return chain.
Managing product groups will happen automatically in most situations, but you can manually update, edit, and delete the groups.

The Product Group name is searchable by customers during product creation in the customer portal.

Icons and Images
A new feature to upload an image to the product feed is available. the icons require a specific size which is noted in the field.

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