Under the account, you can define the channels from where you accept returns. Channels are communication interfaces with your customer. You can define one or multiple portals as communication interface. 

Portals exists in 3 types:

  1. Slim portal: this is a basic portal where customers can create a return without account. This portal is mostly used for returns from end-users (consumers).

  2. Advanced portal: this is a more advanced portal where customers can do multiple things with an account. This portal is mostly used for returns from business users (companies).

  3. Remote Procedure Call (API): this is a set op APIs that you can use to connect your CRM or Order Management system to 12Return. Customers will create a return in your system.

Most of the setup items are at the portal level to provide you with maximum flexibility. By default, you have one customer portal set up for your account. Optionally you can set up multiple portals if you want to separate returns from different channels. Activating additional portals needs to be done by a 12Return administrator. Once that has been done, you can further setup these portals.

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