This is an important announcement for key-users who are responsible for the setup of your 12Return account. We like to announce a few updates:

Return Reason

Many of you use Product Surveys or Return Surveys to ask for the return reason when customers create a return. The surveys feature is and will remain a good way to capture data like return reasons. However, surveys don't give you any statistics.

We understand that return reason statistics are very important to learn about your returns.

That is why we have added Return Reason as a system attribute with variable options. 

What remains the same is that customers can register the return reason when creating a return. You can see the return reason in the return details.

What is new is that 12Return can now turn the return reason in valuable statistics.

We advise to set up the new return reason feature and de-active the existing product or return survey. For all new returns you then build the data for statistics.

Learn more in the Help-Center:

Service Request

Besides Return Reason we have also added the Service Request attribute with variable options. This attribute allows you to ask your customer what service settlement is desired. The Service Request attribute will be used for a planned new feature to automate the creation of Service Tasks. Setting up the Service Request attribute works the same way as setting up the Return Reason.

Return Details

We have added the Return Reason and Service Request data in the return details page in the Service and Operations modules:

  • Return reasons and service requests that have been registered at the return level will appear in the summary page.

  • Return reasons and service requests that have been registered at the product level will appear in the details of each product.


In the next weeks we will launch Return Reason Statistics in the Insights module. In the meantime we have already upgraded the existing statistics in the Insights module.

We trust these updates are useful for your returns process.

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