The Ship section includes a configurable wizard to guide your customers through the shipping process after the return has been authorized. No need for your customer to read through a long email. No risk that returns are not shipped because the email is in spam. No questions to your support team. Shipping is now a real-time process in the portal.

The ship wizard supports the following steps:

Pay for the label

This feature is coming in a future release.

Shipping and packing instructions

You can now set up different instructions for shipping and packing. The instructions will automatically be shown in the wizard:

  • The shipping instructions will show the instructions for the chosen carrier. The shipping instructions can be maintained in the carrier settings.

  • The packing instructions are general instructions for a channel and can be maintained in the channel content settings.

Download all documents

The ship wizard will enable the customer to download all documents that are needed to ship the return:

  • The shipping label will be shown for the chosen carrier. 12Return will automatically determine if a label is needed for the chosen carrier.

  • The packing list can be maintained and activated in the channel document settings.

  • The shipping invoice can be maintained and activated in the channel document settings.

Schedule a pickup with the carrier

This feature is coming in a future release.


The ship wizard will inform the customer about important communication. For each of the sections you can maintain specific content in the channel content settings:

  • Emails: the wizard will show which emails will be sent to the customer.

  • Tracking link: the wizard will show a tracking link that can be copied to navigate to the return tracking page later. This link also works if the customer does not have a login for the portal.

  • Contact us: you can configure a contact option (website or mailto link) in the channel details.

The ship wizard improves the return experience for your customers and will reduce the number of customer inquiries about the next steps in the returns process.

Watch the tutorial video.

Track a return

Once the return has been shipped, it can be tracked in the Track section of the hosted customer portal.

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