Before we activate and set up your account, we like to know a bit about your preferred returns process:


  1. From which countries do you accept returns? 12Return supports returns from 146 countries.

  2. What are the channels you accept returns from? You can set up a dedicated return portal for each channel, such as B2C and B2B. Standard 12Return supports 1 portal (channel) per account. Multi-channel is supported in the Professional plan.

  3. Which return policies do you offer for these channels? Standard 12Return supports 2 return policies per channel. Typically, these are "Returns" (returns within 14 days) and "Warranty" (defect products).

Return Portal

  1. Do customers need a user account to access the returns portal? Standard 12Return supports 1 portal (channel) per account. By default, the portal has been activated without a user account.

  2. What languages do you support in communication with your customer? Standard 12Return is set up in English. 12Return supports English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, and Polish. Learn more...

  3. How can customers create a return? 12Return supports 2 options for using your order and product data: 1) Order Connector that retrieves data from your order management system 2) customers can select a product from a list that is uploaded to 12Return.

  4. How will returns be authorized? For each return policy, you can define if returns are authorized automatically or after manual review by a customer support agent.


  1. Which carrier service do you like to use? 12Return supports standard carrier services from DHL Express and UPS for international returns. 12Return supports premium carrier services in all major European countries.

  2. Who pays for the transportation costs? Standard 12Return creates a prepaid shipping label under your carrier account.

  3. Do you want to use our transportation contracts? Our Managed Returns service offers a local carrier service in all major European countries. This service is available in combination with our network of local return hubs.

  4. What is the location of your warehouse? Standard 12Return supports one warehouse destination. Multi-destination is supported in the Professional plan.

Returns processing

  1. Do you operate your own in-house warehouse? Return Dock supports efficient receiving and grading of returns in your in-house warehouse.

  2. Have you outsourced to a Logistics Service Provider? Return Dock supports efficient receiving and grading of returns at your preferred logistics service provider.


  1. How do you want to issue a refund or other settlement to your customer? Standard 12Return does not automatically issue a refund in your system. You need to issue a refund in your system manually.

  2. Do you want 12Return to update your system automatically? As an option, you can activate a Return Alett that automatically sends an update to your system.

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