Before we activate your account, we like to know a bit about your returns process:

  1. From which countries do you accept returns? 12Return supports returns from 146 countries.
  2. Which return policies do you offer? Standard 12Return supports a maximum of 2 return policies per channel. Typically, these are "Returns" (returns within 14 days) and "Warranty" (defect products).
  3. Do customers need a user account to access the returns portal? Standard 12Return supports 1 portal (channel) per account. By default, the portal has been activated without a user account.
  4. Which languages do you support in communication with your customer? Standard 12Return is set up in English. 12Return supports English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, and Danish. Learn more...
  5. How can customers create a return? 12Return supports 2 options: 1) an order connector that retrieves data from your order management system 2) customers can select a product from a list that is uploaded to 12Return. Standard 12Return is set up with a product list.
  6. Which carrier service do you like to use? 12Return supports DHL Express and UPS for international returns. Standard 12Return supports one carrier.
  7. What is the address of your warehouse? Standard 12Return supports one warehouse destination.
  8. Do you like to update 12Return when a return has been received in the warehouse? Standard 12Return supports basic receiving in Return Bird and advanced operations in Return Dock. Learn more...
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