The storage process supports both the manifest flow and container flow. The storage module contains 2 functions:

  • View manifests (manifest process)

  • View containers (container process)


Manifests contain received returns that are waiting to be shipped to their next destination. While in storage, all manifests can be viewed and for each manifest, the details can be viewed:

  • View manifests

  • View manifest details (returns)


The inventory of Assets that have been received and graded in the inbound process can be managed in the storage module. Inventory is managed in 2 sections:

  • Available-for-Disposition (AFD) inventory

  • Available-for-Sales (AFS) inventory

In each inventory section, assets are stored in containers: Containers contain received and graded products that are waiting to be dispositioned. While in storage, all containers can be viewed and for each container, the details of the container and its assets can be viewed and adjusted.

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