The digital transformation of your reverse supply chain is all about technology, processes, and people. The balance in this magic triangle is of utmost importance to achieve success as defined in your business case. Our people have transformed and managed returns management processes many times. We are focused on co-creating success in your reverse supply chain.

Most of the functional requirements can be offered out of the box.

The critical path of the transformation program is determined by the following factors:

  • Is there one overall corporate implementation or specific implementation per region?

  • Is there a generic integration to corporate systems or specific integrations to (legacy) systems per region?

  • Is there a one-off implementation for all regions or a phased implementation per region?

Transformation cycles

As we expect a phased implementation we propose a Transformation Program that includes a repetitive approach for each transformation cycle. Each cycle covers the following phases:

  • Assessment: stakeholder alignment and readiness assessment.

  • Transformation: system setup, integration, key-user training, and acceptance.

  • Success: handover to your business teams and 12Return support.

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