Notifications send different types of messages to the systems you use in your business. Notifications inform your systems about events in the returns process in 12Return.

Notification templates

Notifications templates exist in 3 types:

  • Notification Email

  • Notification Integration (coming soon)

  • Notification Alert

All notification templates can be set up and activated for the following events in the returns process:




Return requested

The return has been requested by the customer and is awaiting authorization from an agent.


Return rejected

The return has been rejected by an agent.


Return authorized

The return has been authorized by an agent and can be shipped by the customer.


Return shipped

The return has been shipped by the customer.


Return tracked (new trigger coming soon)

The return has been tracked by the carrier.


Return received

The return has been received in the warehouse.


Return processed

The return has been received and graded in the warehouse.


Return settled (new trigger coming soon)

The return has been settled with the customer.


Return completed

The return has been completed by an agent.


Return canceled

The return has been canceled by an agent.

Authorization, Logistics, Processing, or Settlement

Notification emails

Notification emails can be sent to an external email address, such as a team inbox, Teams or Slack channel, or a support system (Zendesk, Intercom). You can define the email title and body text and enrich it with dynamic content from 12Return.

Use-case for a notification email:

You can activate the Return Requested Email and send it to a Zendesk or Intercom email address to create a ticket. The ticket can include a link that navigates straight to the return authorization screen in 12Return. No need anymore for agents to be in 12Return to watch out for new return requests.

Notification integrations (coming soon)

Notifications integrations are pre-defined integrations with external systems. As a first integration, we will shortly release a Zapier integration that allows you to use Zapier to connect to popular tools such as Teams, Slack, and Zendesk.

Notification alerts

Notification alerts are webhooks in JSON or XML that can be sent to an endpoint in your system to update your system and to trigger an action. The notification alert contains all relevant data from the return and is automatically enriched when the return reaches a new status in the process.

Use-case for a notification alert:

You can activate the Return Processed Alert to trigger a refund or store credit in your system when the return has been received and graded in the warehouse. You can fully automate the settlement process with your customer and achieve a better customer satisfaction score.

Notification profiles

In order to send notifications, you need to create a notification profile that exists in 2 types:

  • Email for sending a Notification Email to an email address

  • Custom for sending Notification Alerts to an endpoint

You can use the notification profiles for a notification type for all notification templates of that type.

Test your integration

For the Essentials plan, integrating the notification alert is a do-it-yourself effort. You can test the integration for a notification alert in your own account:

  • Set up a notification profile for test purposes that is connected to the test environment of your system

  • Create a notification alert with this notification profile

  • Create a return and test the integration

In the Professional and Enterprise plans, we can give you access to our integration-staging environment where you can test the integration. In the Enterprise plan, we also offer a dedicated sandbox environment.

Our support team can always provide additional support.

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