You can define a package type for each box you use for shipping your products.

Using package types has several advantages:

  • Customers can create a return more easily

  • Predefined package types are automatically matched with carrier services that support the package type

  • Shipments are created with accurate data, which avoids additional charges by the carrier

Create a package type

You can define an unlimited number of package types and allocate these to return policies to control the use of the package type. You can add package measurements (length, width, height, and weight) in your preferred unit of measurement (metrics or imperial). 12Return automatically calculates the other unit of measurement. In account master data you can define the unit of measurement systems that you like to use.

Update a package type

You can update the package type in several ways:

  • Add a specific label for each language that has been activated

  • Define for which return policies the package type can be used

  • Allocate a package type to a carrier service

Allocate to carriers

When a package type has been created, 12Return automatically matches the carrier services, that have been set up for your account, that support the package type. You can set the proposed carrier services to "allocated". When the customer has selected the package type, the allocated carriers will be shown as options.

The package type measurements per carrier can be found here.

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