After a user has submitted a return request, the agent can edit, remove or add new products to prepare the return for authorization.

After selecting a return from the overview, the return details appear. In the left-side menu, you will find several controls that are relevant for the return in the current status.



Summary provides a high-level overview of the most important information.


Items provide an overview of all products that have been registered to be returned. You can edit the items with the "Action" button.


For each item, you can edit the details. You can edit general fields (Model number, Product Group, Description, and Quantity). You can also edit specific fields as defined in product surveys (like Serial number, and Is the product damaged?).



Shipment provides all information about transportation. You can edit shipment details when you authorize the return.


Communication provides all communication about the return. Communication exists of 3 types:

  1. Messages: You can create internal and external messages. External messages will be visible to the customer in the Advanced self-service portal.
  2. Email: Emails are sent automatically when the status of the return has changed.
  3. Workflow action: Workflow actions are automated status updates.

Service Task (if enabled)

Service tasks provide an overview of all service tasks that are created to settle the return to the customer.

Ticket (if enabled)

Tickets show the communication tread of a ticket from an external system like Zendesk.

Available actions

These are the actions that are available for the return in a certain status. The list of available actions is controlled by the workflow and changes when the status of the return has changed.

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