The DHL Express integration supports global transportation via the DHL network. You can use the DHL services for the following options:


The customer can make a booking for pickup at their residential address.

To set up a DHL Express service following parameters need to be defined:

Allow multiple parcels: (Default) No
Who should supply the shipment units: (Default) Both
Description of goods: To be provided
Destination email address: To be provided
Who should book the pickup: User
Shipment dutiable: Yes
DHL shipping account number: To be provided
DHL username (Site ID): To be provided
DHL password: To be provided
Duty payment type: Shipper
Commodity codes for shipment contents: To be provided
Package type: (Default) Customer-provided packaging
Delivery service: (Default) Door to Door
Service types:
General services:
• DD (Duties & Taxes Paid)
• II (Shipment Insurance)
• PV (Data Staging 12)
• PT (Data Staging 3)
• EA (Go Green)
Hazardous Goods services:
• HB (Lithium Ion PI965 Section II)
• HC (Dry ice UN1845)
• HD (Lithium Ion PI966 Section II)
• HE (Dangerous Goods)
• HH (Expected Quantities)
• HV (Lithium Ion PI967 Section II)
Product code:
• Express Domestic DOM
• Express Worldwide WPX
• Express Worldwide ECX

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