Under the account, you can define general settings that apply to your account.


The standard parameters have already been set up.

General - Master data

Under master-data you can define the different dimensions of your account (learn more):

  1. Countries: these are the countries where you accept returns.

  2. Disposition types: these are the disposition types for returned products.

  3. Languages: these are the languages that are supported in the customer portal.

  4. Currencies: you can select the currency that is applicable to your business.

  5. Dimension units: these are the dimension units that are used in several areas.

  6. Weight units: these are the weight units that are used in several areas.

For setting up multiple languages, see.


The advanced parameters have all been set up by default and don't need any changes.

General - Parameters

Under parameters you can define:

  1. Archiving (default set to monthly)

  2. Endpoints (default set to No)

System attributes

Under system attributes, you can translate the various system attributes that are used in 12Return.

Custom attributes

Under customer attributes, you can define additional attributes.

API clients

Under API clients you can define a client to access our API.

Automation rules

Under automation rules, you can define rules to automate the key decisions in the returns process.

Image gallery

Under the image gallery, you can upload images that you use in the advanced operations portal.

Image gallery categories

Under image gallery categories you can define the categories of your image library.

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