If you don't want to publicly expose the link to the return portal, you can use a specific return link format to send to your customer. This way you can expose the return link while communicating with your customer. For example when you use a support system like Zendesk or Intercom.

Return Link (stand-alone)

You can use the Return Link if you like to communicate the link to the return portal in a ticket from your support system.

  • Purpose: Give the customer a predefined link with the ticket number from your support system. By using this link, the return is created with the ticket number. You can use the ticket number to call the 12Return API to retrieve the return data and use it in your support system.

  • Process: You can send the link to your customer in a ticket from your support system.

  • URL format example: https://youraccount.returnbird.com/#/?appId=zendesk&ticket=1234567

Return Authorize Link (API)

Coming soon

Return Order Link (API)

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