Master Data is the system used to configure various settings that we use throughout your account. These settings are used to decide on certain core settings for your agents and customers.

Master Data is maintained at 3 levels of the system, with each level having more detailed control.

  • Account-level settings change settings for the entire system.

  • Portal level settings only affect that specific portal

  • Return Type settings are only for that specific returns creation flow.

At the portal (channel) level you can specify 4 types of master data:


At the portal (channel) level, countries decide from which countries a return can be created in the portal.


At the portal (channel) level, the selected languages define the languages that are available for customers to use in the return portal. The languages at the channel level also define the languages in Email Templates and Documents.

More about using languages can be found here.


At the portal (channel) level, currencies decide for which countries a return can be created in the portal.

Measurement units

At the portal (channel) level, measurement units decide for which measurement unit a package type can be entered.

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