Approved returns ready for shipping

When the return will be authorized manually, the customer will receive a confirmation message. Once the return has been authorized the customer will receive a Return Authorization Mail. This mail includes a link that will navigate the customer to the ship section in the portal. Returns that are ready for shipment are also visible in the ship section.

Request shipment

In the ship section of the portal, a shipment can be created.

Approved products on a return

In the return details, the customer can see which products have been approved and are expected to be returned.

Add a page header (Request shipment page text) to make your customer aware to check the Return Details and to see which products are expected to be returned.

Ship-from address

The customer can add the ship-from address.

The customer is asked to enter the ship-from address and to select a preferred shipping option from a list of available options as configured for the return policy and the country.

A postal code check is performed to validate that the postal code complies with international formatting standards.

Shipping units

The customer can add the shipping units.

Shipping option

Based on the selected shipping unit(s), the available shipping options will appear.

If applicable, the "customer shipping costs" will be shown for the carrier. These are the shipping costs that will be covered by your customer. You can deduct these costs from the refund.

The "customer shipping costs" for a carrier in a route can be defined in routes under logistics settings.

Shipping label

In the background, a shipping label is created for the chosen carrier service.

Failed shipments

In some cases, the creation of a shipping label fails. Most often this is caused by the fact that the carrier system does not approve the validation of certain data that is sent by 12Return. In this case, the customer will see a shipment error screen. The content on this screen can be maintained in the portal content settings.

Prepare for shipping

If the shipping label has been created successfully, the customer can complete a process to prepare for shipping.

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