Kick-Off Call (30 mins approx.)

An introduction call to make sure that all of the phases, processes, and dates are clear from the very beginning.

Phase 1 - Onboarding intro (2 hrs)

You'll start the onboarding program, in which we will review your entire returns process to set up 12Return.

A. Setting up your Return Bird account

Before the start of the onboarding, our team will do the initial setup of your Return Bird account.

B. Setting up and connecting Return Dock

Before the start of the onboarding, our team will connect your or an external Return Dock account.

C. Customer facing design (0.5 hr)

Together we will review the setup of all customer-facing elements of Return Bird. This phase is crucial as it will define the quality of the returns process as your customer will experience it. We will pay special attention to setting up the supported languages. Your input and action in this phase are very important.

D. Integration design (1 hr)

Together we will review the setup of all Return Bird and Return Dock integrations. Our technical team will take the lead in the phase and will closely work with your technical team.

E. Change management review (0,5 hr)

Together we will review all required changes in your process.

Phase 2 - Implementation, Testing, and Training (1-2 hrs)

When we have completed steps A to D, we will test the system setup with a golden return.

F. Golden return (0,5 hr)

We will create a return and process it all the way through the process. We will test all integrations.

G. On-line classroom training (1 hr)

Our onboarding team will host classroom training for all teams (customer service and warehouse). The training will be recorded and the video will be available for you. We also give you access to our support channel and help center.

Phase 3 - Lifetime support

When we have completed steps F and G, you are ready to use 12Return for your returns process.

Finally, in this phase, you can rely on lifetime support from our team, as well as complete access to the knowledge database. This database will provide you with information on 12Return's specifics and usage, as well as content created to state up-to-date with the latest insights and best practices for returns management.


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