Introduction to Return Dock

Returns management includes both customer service and operations. Combining these creates the integral RETURN-TO-SETTLEMENT (RTS) process. Return Dock has been designed for operations in an in-house or outsourced returns center.

Return Dock

Is an app on the 12Return platform for the operational returns process in a return center:

  • Is fully integrated with Return Bird, an app that is used by merchants (clients) to manage the customer returns process.

  • Is multi-client and multi-location.

  • Supports an integral returns process.

Return Bird

Return Bird is an app used by merchants (clients) to manage the customer returns process. Return Bird is visible in Return Dock at 3 levels:

  • Account: the name of the client account. This is always one account for one client

  • Channel: the name of the channel where the return is created. This is mostly one channel, but multiple channels for a client can exist (e.g. B2C and B2B)

  • Return Policy: the name of the return policy for which the return is created. Often multiple return policies exist within a channel (e.g. Returns & Exchanges and Warranty)

Return Dock supports 2 return flows:

  • Manifests (handling returns at the return level)

  • Containers (handling returns at the product level)

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