Under return policy, you can define the various return services that you like to offer to your customer.



Under general, you can name the return service, define the sequence in the portal, and add a description for the home page of the hosted customer portal (learn more).


Under styling to can upload an image for the return service for the home page of the hosted customer portal (learn more).

Master data

Under master-data, you can define the countries that are supported by the portal (the possible countries are taken from the channel settings) (learn more).


Under parameters you can define various parameters that define how your customer experiences the return service (learn more):

  • General: select "Return Reason" and "Service Request" level to activate attribute settings (see below).

  • Shipment: leave both settings to Yes.

  • Product feed: set to Yes if you upload your products in 12Return.

  • Authorization parameters: leave both settings to Default.

Attribute settings

Under attribute settings, you can define the "Return Reason" and "Service Request" values that your customer can select from (learn more).

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